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Our ladders are featured in all top experts’ charts

Our ladders are featured in all top experts' charts 1

Best With Carabiners: ISOP 16ft Fire Escape Ladder

Our ladders are featured in all top experts' charts 2

“Portable ladders with carabiners attach to secure anchor points such as eye bolts inside the home below the window,” explains Jensen. Because of this, these are the best fire escape ladders for anyone with large windowsills or windowsills with a trim that make it challenging to use the hook-style fire ladders.

This ladder is made of thick rope and can hold up to 2,000 pounds at one time. You’ll need to buy the hooks separately and install them onto the side of your home before using this ladder. You’ll also want to practice attaching the carabiners to them, so should disaster strike, you (and everyone in your family) will know how to readily attach them. Live in an apartment? You can buy two or three of these ladders and attach them to each other via the carabiners for a safe emergency escape over 16 feet. 

by  Anne Fritz at

Best for Babies and Pets: ISOP Fire Evacuation Device for Kids or Pets

Our ladders are featured in all top experts' charts 3

Parents of babies (both the human and the fur variety) may wonder how they would carry their child to safety in the event of a fire. That’s where this fire evacuation device comes in. It works as a backpack or can be used to gently lower down your precious cargo with the included 50-foot rope—plenty long enough for homes with third stories or even fifth floor apartments. (When using this way, place a pillow in first to cushion any accidental falls.)

The device holds up to 75 pounds and one reviewer notes it’s large enough for a German shepherd in an emergency situation (however, this isn’t intended to be used as an everyday dog carrier).


Best Rope Fire Escape Ladder: ISOP Emergency Fire Escape Rope Ladder

Our ladders are featured in all top experts' charts 4

The ISOP Emergency Fire Escape Rope Ladder is the safest rope ladder we’ve seen, and perhaps the safest fire escape ladder of all the ladders we examined. Not only does this ladder have a chart-topping 2000 pound weight limit and can hold 7 people at a time, but it also comes with a full-body harness and safety line so that you can descend without any risk of a dangerous fall. This model we’re showing has an included complete full-body harness, but there are also smaller hip harness and safety belt options to choose from.

You can descend down this ladder like a well-prepared mountain climber, and it anchors like a climbing rope too. Instead of steel windowsill hooks, this rope ladder had two metal-reinforced hooped ends that can be connected by the included heavy-duty carabiners for a secure hold onto almost anything. Because it can be mounted nearly anywhere, this is a great option for those who do not have or want to use traditional windowsills as mounting platforms for their evacuation ladders.

This rope ladder is fairly heavy at 22 pounds, but because it is stored loosely it can be unraveled and deployed by anyone of any size. A red safety line is attached so that you can clip the harness while you descend, making this a perfect option for those with limited mobility and strength such as children or the elderly.

ISOP Emergency Fire Escape Rope Ladder Key Features:

32 feet long

2000 pound weight limit

Harness and safety clip included

Double carabiner anchor


ISOP Safety Rope Ladder

Our ladders are featured in all top experts' charts 5

The ISOP Safety Rope Ladder has all of your bases covered. This ladder is available in a wide range of lengths from 8 feet all the way to 32 feet, and it comes with a pair of universally useful carabiners and a polyester drawstring storage bag. The rungs are rigid, and the rope strength is astounding.

Key Features:

16 feet long

2000 pound weight capacity

Carabiners included

by Arthur McMahon AT

ISOP Fire Escape Ladder

ISOPSome kinds of fires are ordinarily very devastating. They have the impacts of damaging the strongest materials available. Only by laying your hands on a fire-resistant ladder like this can you be able to ward off any such severe damages.

Solid and Stable Design

In its entirety, this ladder comes about in a solid and stable design indeed. This design draws from the high-quality thick ropes and resins employed for the job. You are hence sure of the stability you need to enjoy the benefit of faster evacuation.

Durable Construction

Then, it is entirely durable and strong enough to handle the weightiest occupants. As a matter of fact, this ladder has the ability to bear 2,000 pounds without breaking apart. This again goes a long way in making you comfortable.

Heavy-duty Carabiners

Lastly comes the heavy-duty Carabiners. These ones make the ladder pretty suited for use on windows frames. They also let you easily escape from fires in residential buildings and other apartments.


Very reliable in times of emergencies

‘Must have’ for use in homes, offices, and schools

Deploys in a matter of seconds

Requires no special expertise to assemble before deployment

Comes in a user-friendly design


ISOP Window Iron Hooks for Rope Ladder – Fire Escape Use

ISOPWant some quick and easy-to-use ladder? Why not start with this one? It is simple in the sense that it contains the bare minimum set of features needful for the job. By its simple nature, it requires not any high-level expertise to utilize.

Sturdy Window Hooks

Coming in first among the list of the awesome features are the sturdy window hooks. These windows are indeed strong and powerful enough to handle your emergency evacuations with absolute ease.

Reliable Iron Hooks

Next comes the reliable iron hooks. These ones attach to the window to allow you to easily climb down when confronted with an emergency. They provide the balance and peace of mind necessary for a good rescue.

Seamless Compatibility

This ladder is capable of fitting many kinds of windows. It hence follows that you have it for your own taking if your household has many kinds of windows. They will expedite your own evacuations without fail.


Fits most kinds of windows

Strong enough to bear extremely heavyweights

Pretty reliable when called upon to do so

Absolutely simple to make use of

Good enough for fires and break-ins


Emergency Fire Escape Ladders, 3-4 Story Homes,32-Feet Rope ladder, Feet Flame Resistant, With Safety Belt And Hooks, Reusable

Our ladders are featured in all top experts' charts 6

Thanks to this ladder’s heavy-duty carabiners and an ideal 32-ft length, you can use it on window frames, making it perfect for suburban homes, apartments, hotels, and more. Also, this product offers a fast deployment due to the no assembly process. Besides, it is a lightweight unit for simple carry from one place to the other with no effort.

Still, in portability, the well-made safety belt and cord allow you to attach to the carabiners for natural descending while reducing the risk of falling. Furthermore, this ladder is made of premium polyester and resin that have an 11.2 KN breaking strength. For comfortable use for both adults and children.

♥ Main reasons to purchase this:


Lightweight and compact

Heavy-duty carbines for extended service


Emergency Ladder For 2 & 3 Story Building, Fast To Deploy, Heavy-duty Flame Resistant Safety Rope With Carabiners, Easy To Use, Reusable, 2500 lbs

Our ladders are featured in all top experts' charts 5

An above emergency ladder is an accessible unit because of its stable performance. It features a robust design with a 16-ft rope made of durable materials to offer a safe procedure at all times. Another thing is the 2500-pound weight capacity with an 11.2KN breaking strength that easily holds up during use.

This unit boasts of a multipurpose service for use in not only homes but also in office buildings. Moreover, this product is fast and easy to deploy because it has a design with accessibility and convenience in mind. It implements within seconds without the use of assembly tools to set it up. Also, its heavy-duty flame-resistant properties are a plus, especially during a fire escape.

♥ Main reasons to purchase this:


Stable design

Fast to deploy


ISOP Emergency Flame Resistant Fire Escape Ladder

best fire escape ladders consumer report

ISOP is a brand that you can trust at the time of an emergency because this company has been manufacturing some of the most durable fire escape ladders for quite some time. The ladder I’m reviewing has a length of 16 feet and can easily support weight up to 2,500 pounds. Setting up the ladder at the time of emergency is also quite easy, as it doesn’t require any assembling.

Another good thing about the ladder is that it is suitable for both adults and children. You can use it for fire drills to find out how efficient it is. The rope ladder doesn’t weigh too much and doesn’t tangle as well. The only drawback of the unit is that you can’t hook it over a window.


ISOP Emergency Fire Escape Rope Ladder for 3-4 Story

best fire escape ladders consumer report

Again, it’s a fire escape ladder by ISOP. Didn’t I say this company was good? So, I’m just reiterating the same thing. This ladder is excellent for a 3 or 4 story building, so if a fire broke out in your house or office and you’re stuck on 3rd or 4th floor, then you can get out of the building using this durable ladder. The inclusion of heavy-duty carabiners and an excellent length of 32 feet allow the ladder to fit most windows.

Setting up this rope ladder is a breeze, as there isn’t a complicated assembling to be done, as you have expected. A lightweight ladder, you won’t have any issue carrying and storing it. The company has made use of high-quality polyester and resin to make this rope ladder, thus making it suitable for adults and children.


ISOP Fire Escape Ladder

ISOP Emergency Fire Escape Ladder 16 ft (2 Story) Flame Resistant Safety Rope Ladder With Hooks - Fast To Deploy & Easy To Use - Compact & Easy to Store - Reusable - Weight Capacity up to 2500 Pounds

ISOP comes with a great fire escape ladder to provide the highest safety in danger. The design of the ladder is solid and stable. All the top grade materials are used to craft this rope ladder.

The hight of the ladder is 16 feet. Happy to know that this ladder can support more than 2500 pounds. It is well tested and you don’t have to worry about this fact.

There are the heavy-duty hooks which have made the ladder suitable for home, hotel, offices and almost everywhere.

The materials of this permanent fire escape ladder are strong and durable. A cool fact about this ladder is the breaking strength is 11.2 KN. That means it can give heavy support.

You can use the ladder from different frames of windows and it is really easy to use. Some people are always worried about a fact to assemble the ladder.

You don’t need any extra tools to assemble it and you can deploy it in a few seconds. It is also a lightweight ladder and easy to store. So, surely it is a cool choice.


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