Fire Extinguisher Box Big Size


Fire Extinguisher Box Big Size| Fire Extinguisher Weatherproof Box | Fire Extinguisher Wall Box Red | Visible Fire Safety Cabinet | Fire Rescue Extinguisher Storage Outdoor or Indoor





Fire Extinguisher Box Big Size | Fire Extinguisher Weatherproof Box | Fire Extinguisher Wall Box Red | Visible Fire Safety Cabinet | Fire Rescue Extinguisher Storage Outdoor or Indoor

Fire Extinguisher Box L

Ensure no delay in response times

Maintain the readiness and accessibility of your fire extinguisher while keeping it protected from dust, debris, and tampering with our Heavy-Duty Cabinet. Designed for durability and quick recognition in an emergency, this red powder-coated steel cabinet ensures no delay in response times.

Fire Extinguisher Box L

Your fire extinguisher remains secure and ready

Ensure the safety of your environment with this highly visible fire extinguisher cabinet. Suitable for use in commercial, industrial, and residential settings, this cabinet comes with pre-drilled mounting holes to make installation straightforward and secure.

Fire Extinguisher Box L


– Sturdy steel construction with a vibrant red powder-coated finish for high visibility

– Transparent viewing panel makes inspection simple without opening the cabinet

– Integral handle for smooth opening in case of an emergency

– Pre-drilled holes for easy and secure wall mounting

Fire Extinguisher Box


– Material: Heavy-duty iron

– Finish: Safety red powder coat

– Dimensions: Small – 13*4.75*4.25 in | Large – 22*7.9*6.7 in

Please note that fire extinguishers are sold separately.

Introducing the ultimate Fire Extinguisher Cabinet, designed to provide reliable and weatherproof storage for your fire safety equipment. Our wall-mounted cabinet offers a visible and secure solution for storing fire extinguishers, ensuring that they are readily accessible in the event of an emergency.

Crafted with durability and practicality in mind, our fire extinguisher storage boasts a spacious design, accommodating fire extinguishers up to 11 lb with ease. The weatherproof construction ensures that your fire safety equipment remains protected from the elements, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation. With its robust design and high-visibility finish, our fire extinguisher weatherproof cabinet offers a prominent and easily accessible storage solution for your property.

The wall-mounted configuration of our fire extinguisher wall mounted box allows for convenient installation in key locations, such as warehouses, factories, garages, or any area where fire safety compliance is essential. The highly visible design ensures that the fire extinguisher is easily identifiable and accessible to authorized personnel, enhancing emergency response and safety protocols.

Our fire extinguisher storage cabinet provides a secure and durable solution for housing fire safety equipment, offering peace of mind and compliance with safety regulations. The visible and protective nature of the cabinet makes it an ideal choice for commercial and industrial settings, where safeguarding against fire hazards is paramount.

Invest in our Fire Extinguisher Box to secure your fire safety equipment with confidence and peace of mind. Ensure that your property is equipped with a visible and accessible fire extinguisher wall mounted storage solution – order now and take a proactive step towards enhancing safety and compliance within your premises. Trust our weatherproof fire extinguisher cabinet to protect your fire safety equipment and provide a visible and accessible storage solution for emergency response.


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