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Rope Ladder Fire Escape 32ft with Full Body Harness

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Flame Resistant Safety Rope Ladder with Hooks – Fast to Deploy & Easy to Use – Compact & Easy to Store – Weight Capacity up to 2000 lb



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Rope Ladder Fire Escape 32ft with Full Body Harness 7


unlike other aluminium ladders our rope ladders are reusable.

1 review for Rope Ladder Fire Escape 32ft with Full Body Harness

  1. Ol

    I highly recommend these ladders and I hope this review helps you buy the right product.

    – Casement windows … found it challenging to find a ladder that would work with the casement windows on the 2nd story of our house (see photo). Very pleased with this one… we purchased a 2nd one a week later. As you can see, casement windows don’t offer a 100% width opening, plus there’s the extension arm along the bottom part of the frame. Since the white rope between rungs is flexible, it’s able to fit within the width of the window.

    – Re-usable … Thankful this isn’t a single-use fire escape ladder. That makes absolutely NO sense to me! We practiced using the ladder numerous times when purchased, and would recommend everyone do the same. You learn a LOT when you do a drill (even timed) and have to find + unpack the ladder, toss it out the window (properly, to not break any windows below), put on the harness, attach the harness, climb out.

    – Build quality … excellent. The yellow rungs are very grippy and lean towards uncomfortable for bare hands and feet, but c’mon, your house is on fire, who cares. The rungs CAN rotate slightly in place, however, but I don’t think this would result in a slip or fall when descending.

    – The hooks … I would recommend the carabiner style hooks on the ladder over the J-hooks that hang over your window, ONLY from personal experience. It required us to bolt 2 large hooks on the wall under the window in our bedrooms, but they aren’t too intrusive or ugly. (Search “besthouse 304 heavy duty swing hangers” for a good recommendation). IMPORTANT: we attached them just above the base board and bought a ladder that is long enough to go up the wall, through the window, then down to the ground. This allows for easy connection of the ladder (at ground level), especially for a child, instead of having to lift the ladder to attach it. It also means 2-3 rungs of the ladder go UP the wall towards the window, making it easier for a child to get up to the window sill to get out. No need for a stool.

    – Measure properly … as I said above, make sure you get a long enough ladder to reach from your secure hooks on a wall, up to the window, THEN down to the ground.

    – Compared to other popular brands … Kidde ladders are easy to find, but are single-use so I wouldn’t even consider them. They have little legs on each rung that hold the ladder steady against your house, which this ladder lacks, but during our test “escapes” we didn’t have issues without them. As this ladder hangs out the window and you step down to each rung, it tends to hang a bit away from the house so you can put the middle of your foot on the rung and your toes kind of stick out to stabilize you against the house. No concerns.

    – The harness … (bought the waist-harness with leg loops, NOT belt or full body shoulder harness) Works great, well-built, fits great on young kids up to adults. I wrote a Q&A response to someone else asking about a 4+ year old, which may be worth reading if you have very small children. I can’t stress enough that you should practice the harness every once in a while. People can get disoriented in an emergency and it’s asking a lot for a child to unpack a ladder, put on a harness, then use them both. (e.g. the harness should be attached to the red security line OUTSIDE the window, otherwise you will get stuck as you try to crawl out).

    – Size and storage … one of the ladders we bought came with a zip bag, the other didn’t. For the one without a bag, we purchased a large kind of tray at a home store and put the ladder on the tray under a bed. This eases access in an emergency. The ladder itself IS big and bulky, especially compared to the tidy Kidde ones (which you can never re-pack, mind you), but just allow some space under a bed and the size doesn’t really matter anymore. A zipper bag may even be more cumbersome to open in an emergency. Careful how you store the ladder, you don’t want a tangle when you throw it out the window!

    I don’t think I could write anything more if I wanted to. 🙂 Shopping for the right ladder was a challenge for us, so I hope this saves someone a lot of time and helps you find the right product.

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