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Best Fire Escape Ladders 2020

Every person at least once in their life thought what to do if there is a fire in the house, building or office? How can we be saved from it? Especially if you have children!

At ISOP, we believe EVERY family MUST have a fire escape ladder in case of emergency!

We have created a whole series of emergency fire escapes  ladders and devices   for various needs that we are happy to present you .

What should be considered when buying a fire escape ladder? It should be sturdy enough to support the weight of a man, preferably several people, should have carabiners or hooks (both are better), depending on whether you are going to escape through a window or balcony, should have non-slip rings. Ideally, it should be :

  • Compact
  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Fireproof
  • as well as Reusable
  • Multifunctional, to be used for different purposes if necessary
  • Weather and Tear Resistant properties would not hurt too

We have worked hard to create ladders that meet ALL these requirements and they are available at affordable prices in our store, or marketplaces such as AMAZON, WALMART or eBay.

13ft / 25ft  Fire Rope Ladders with  Hooks

Fire escape Ladders with hooks come in 2 Sizes 13ft & 25ft for Second Story and Third Story – The ropes of this ladder can support over 2000 lb (tested ! unlike those of competitors) and 250 lb rungs. This means that it can withstand 10 people at once if they are not on the same rung 🙂 This ladder can save lives of the whole family and even neighbors!

This is a 13-fit (4m) ladder with hooks for escaping from a window or balcony. Iron Hooks fit perfectly to most window frames in the world (see dimensions in the pictures). They support a weight of around 300 lb, carabiners that support 11KN are also included in the set, suitable for balcony bars (see the attachment methods on the listing page).

The ladder is soft and foldable, it can be folded and stowed under the bed. It is also lightweight and can be easily moved to another room or apartment. It will not get damaged in fire in seconds because it is flame resistant, however, we do not recommend using it in direct fire!

The Ladder is Multifunctional and weather resistant! It can be used for various purposes, such as a playground for children or a treehouse, as well as boat or a warehouse. You can climb a roof or a tree using this ladder. The ladder is not disposable like MOST competitors’ products, it is reusable!

Along with all the benefits, this ladder is easy to use. Even kids can climb it. It may be difficult to use only if the ladder does not fit snugly against the wall hanging in the air. This applies to any ladder, not only ours. In this case, you should descend using the side of the stairs as acrobats do in a circus ( see the pictures).

Some of our clients attach the ladders to the wall in advance using the climbing anchors that are available in our store. We consider this a thoughtful approach and recommend doing it as well. 

Fire Escape Ladders 4 Story 32ft 10m with Carabiners and a Safety Belt/Harness

This is our main safety rope ladder that has a patent. Available in three versions with a safety belt, half body harness and full body harness.

The main purpose of this ladder is descending (or, if necessary, climbing) from any floor without the risk of falling, as there is a safety cord along one of the two ropes of the ladder, securely attached every 6-7 feet to the ladder. To go down, you should put on the safety belt, attach the lanyard to the safety cord (red) and start descending. Every time you reach the end of the safety cord, reconnect to the next safety cord. Thus, you can fall only to the length of the safety cord, no more than about 6-7 fit. See the pictures.

All the main characteristics of the ladder are identical to the rest of our ladders described above. Only one belt is included in the set, so we recommend buying belts with a lanyard according to the number of members in the family.

The sturdiness of the ropes allows saving many people – according to the amount of belts, while the length of 10m allows saving even neighbors from the lower floors  as the carabiners and ropes can support up to 10 people at once!

Fire Evacuation Carrier Device for Infants or Pets

What if you have small children who can not use the ladders in case of fire or loved pets? How to save them from fire?

We have an answer. We have created a Emergency Evacuation Device in two sizes – small (for newborns or small pets up to 70 lb) and Large (for kids or large pets up to 150 lb). A Climbing rope with a carabiner is included. In case of fire, you should put something soft on the bottom of the carrier, such as a blanket, then put a toddler or dog in it and carefully lower it downward away from the fire and smoke! The bag has holes through which they can scream and call for help. The bag is so strong that even a adult, for example, a wife, can be evacuated:) This MUST be in every house above the second floor! The bag itself is not fireproof so it cannot be used on an open fire!

The bag has the style of a backpack in case there is an opportunity to run out of the building without risking life, then you can place your loved ones in the bag and run out of the burning building. Many people and animals would be alive if they had our fire escape device. 

Fire Document Pouch

You probably thought what to take with you first if there is a fire. Jewelry? Documents? Cash?  You can solve this issue once and for all for only $ 17.88. Our extreme fireproof double layer protection money case will keep your valuables safe and sound in the event of a fire because it can withstand 1000°F. A must-have for every home.

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Our ladders are featured in all top experts’ charts

Best With Carabiners: ISOP 16ft Fire Escape Ladder

“Portable ladders with carabiners attach to secure anchor points such as eye bolts inside the home below the window,” explains Jensen. Because of this, these are the best fire escape ladders for anyone with large windowsills or windowsills with a trim that make it challenging to use the hook-style fire ladders.

This ladder is made of thick rope and can hold up to 2,000 pounds at one time. You’ll need to buy the hooks separately and install them onto the side of your home before using this ladder. You’ll also want to practice attaching the carabiners to them, so should disaster strike, you (and everyone in your family) will know how to readily attach them. Live in an apartment? You can buy two or three of these ladders and attach them to each other via the carabiners for a safe emergency escape over 16 feet. 

by  Anne Fritz at

Best for Babies and Pets: ISOP Fire Evacuation Device for Kids or Pets

Parents of babies (both the human and the fur variety) may wonder how they would carry their child to safety in the event of a fire. That’s where this fire evacuation device comes in. It works as a backpack or can be used to gently lower down your precious cargo with the included 50-foot rope—plenty long enough for homes with third stories or even fifth floor apartments. (When using this way, place a pillow in first to cushion any accidental falls.)

The device holds up to 75 pounds and one reviewer notes it’s large enough for a German shepherd in an emergency situation (however, this isn’t intended to be used as an everyday dog carrier).


Best Rope Fire Escape Ladder: ISOP Emergency Fire Escape Rope Ladder

The ISOP Emergency Fire Escape Rope Ladder is the safest rope ladder we’ve seen, and perhaps the safest fire escape ladder of all the ladders we examined. Not only does this ladder have a chart-topping 2000 pound weight limit and can hold 7 people at a time, but it also comes with a full-body harness and safety line so that you can descend without any risk of a dangerous fall. This model we’re showing has an included complete full-body harness, but there are also smaller hip harness and safety belt options to choose from.

You can descend down this ladder like a well-prepared mountain climber, and it anchors like a climbing rope too. Instead of steel windowsill hooks, this rope ladder had two metal-reinforced hooped ends that can be connected by the included heavy-duty carabiners for a secure hold onto almost anything. Because it can be mounted nearly anywhere, this is a great option for those who do not have or want to use traditional windowsills as mounting platforms for their evacuation ladders.

This rope ladder is fairly heavy at 22 pounds, but because it is stored loosely it can be unraveled and deployed by anyone of any size. A red safety line is attached so that you can clip the harness while you descend, making this a perfect option for those with limited mobility and strength such as children or the elderly.

ISOP Emergency Fire Escape Rope Ladder Key Features:

32 feet long

2000 pound weight limit

Harness and safety clip included

Double carabiner anchor


ISOP Safety Rope Ladder

The ISOP Safety Rope Ladder has all of your bases covered. This ladder is available in a wide range of lengths from 8 feet all the way to 32 feet, and it comes with a pair of universally useful carabiners and a polyester drawstring storage bag. The rungs are rigid, and the rope strength is astounding.

Key Features:

16 feet long

2000 pound weight capacity

Carabiners included

by Arthur McMahon AT

ISOP Fire Escape Ladder

ISOPSome kinds of fires are ordinarily very devastating. They have the impacts of damaging the strongest materials available. Only by laying your hands on a fire-resistant ladder like this can you be able to ward off any such severe damages.

Solid and Stable Design

In its entirety, this ladder comes about in a solid and stable design indeed. This design draws from the high-quality thick ropes and resins employed for the job. You are hence sure of the stability you need to enjoy the benefit of faster evacuation.

Durable Construction

Then, it is entirely durable and strong enough to handle the weightiest occupants. As a matter of fact, this ladder has the ability to bear 2,000 pounds without breaking apart. This again goes a long way in making you comfortable.

Heavy-duty Carabiners

Lastly comes the heavy-duty Carabiners. These ones make the ladder pretty suited for use on windows frames. They also let you easily escape from fires in residential buildings and other apartments.


Very reliable in times of emergencies

‘Must have’ for use in homes, offices, and schools

Deploys in a matter of seconds

Requires no special expertise to assemble before deployment

Comes in a user-friendly design


ISOP Window Iron Hooks for Rope Ladder – Fire Escape Use

ISOPWant some quick and easy-to-use ladder? Why not start with this one? It is simple in the sense that it contains the bare minimum set of features needful for the job. By its simple nature, it requires not any high-level expertise to utilize.

Sturdy Window Hooks

Coming in first among the list of the awesome features are the sturdy window hooks. These windows are indeed strong and powerful enough to handle your emergency evacuations with absolute ease.

Reliable Iron Hooks

Next comes the reliable iron hooks. These ones attach to the window to allow you to easily climb down when confronted with an emergency. They provide the balance and peace of mind necessary for a good rescue.

Seamless Compatibility

This ladder is capable of fitting many kinds of windows. It hence follows that you have it for your own taking if your household has many kinds of windows. They will expedite your own evacuations without fail.


Fits most kinds of windows

Strong enough to bear extremely heavyweights

Pretty reliable when called upon to do so

Absolutely simple to make use of

Good enough for fires and break-ins


Emergency Fire Escape Ladders, 3-4 Story Homes,32-Feet Rope ladder, Feet Flame Resistant, With Safety Belt And Hooks, Reusable

Thanks to this ladder’s heavy-duty carabiners and an ideal 32-ft length, you can use it on window frames, making it perfect for suburban homes, apartments, hotels, and more. Also, this product offers a fast deployment due to the no assembly process. Besides, it is a lightweight unit for simple carry from one place to the other with no effort.

Still, in portability, the well-made safety belt and cord allow you to attach to the carabiners for natural descending while reducing the risk of falling. Furthermore, this ladder is made of premium polyester and resin that have an 11.2 KN breaking strength. For comfortable use for both adults and children.

♥ Main reasons to purchase this:


Lightweight and compact

Heavy-duty carbines for extended service


Emergency Ladder For 2 & 3 Story Building, Fast To Deploy, Heavy-duty Flame Resistant Safety Rope With Carabiners, Easy To Use, Reusable, 2500 lbs

An above emergency ladder is an accessible unit because of its stable performance. It features a robust design with a 16-ft rope made of durable materials to offer a safe procedure at all times. Another thing is the 2500-pound weight capacity with an 11.2KN breaking strength that easily holds up during use.

This unit boasts of a multipurpose service for use in not only homes but also in office buildings. Moreover, this product is fast and easy to deploy because it has a design with accessibility and convenience in mind. It implements within seconds without the use of assembly tools to set it up. Also, its heavy-duty flame-resistant properties are a plus, especially during a fire escape.

♥ Main reasons to purchase this:


Stable design

Fast to deploy


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As the adage goes, fire is a good servant and a bad master. Unfortunately, too many people have fallen victim to these fiery accidents causing them to lose their property, livelihood, and even their life. Fire accidents harm hundreds of people every day and cause thousands of deaths yearly across the country, which is a national disaster. At ISOP, we aim to change this statistical report by creating tools that will help save people’s property and their lives. 
Getting a ladder is essential, but getting the right ladder that you can rely on entirely in case of any emergencies is 100% more valuable. So, how do you go about the process of buying one? You should take several steps to ensure your ladder is of excellent quality and that you could rely on it with your life and that of your family. 


In case of a fire emergency, your ladder should be long enough to get you to the ground. The longer it is, the better. You should take actual measurements regarding the height of your home and purchase a slightly longer ladder than the actual distance.


Your ladder should carry more than one and a half times the weight of the heaviest person in the house. Having a sturdy ladder means that it’s reliable and can support whoever might be in the house at the moment of the accident. It also affords the user some extra weight capacity to carry down a small child or a pet.


Your emergency ladder should be easy enough for someone like a child, for instance, install and use. It should be light enough for you to carry around in the event of an emergency and simple, while at the same time, safe for you to hook it up to the window so that you can get out of the house as fast as possible.


Your emergency ladder should be not only compact but also easily deployable for more accessible storage and convenience. A reliable ladder should be small enough to be stored in any place like under the bed or in the closet. You should also be able to get it out quickly, too, in case of an emergency. 

There will never be an inconvenient time as to when you’d need to get out of the house in case of a fire to find your emergency ladder deploying improperly. Finding a ladder that you could use quickly may save you a few minutes, which will probably save your life.


Emergency rope ladders should be durable, reusable, fire-resistant materials that can be used again after a fire accident. The ladders can be folded back and reused after an incident just as long as they didn’t sustain any damages during the fire accident.


The ladder should be versatile and able to offer more than just a way down out of the house. Emergency ladders from ISOP offer just that. They have a safety belt that you can use to hook yourself to each rung after each step to ensure your safety as you climb down the ladder. 


Emergency ladders are essential for any family to have, and they are not just for families that live in story buildings; every family should use them. Making sure you have one in your home means having one less thing that worries you. 

Having them around is better for you because you’d never know when you might need them. They could be used in several other places in different circumstances too. So, get yourself an emergency ladder from a manufacture that you can trust. You’ll thank yourself later.

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5 best fire escape ladders

Unfortunate events are always unforeseen therefore, it is always the best to be prepared for them in advance. It is because whenever a disaster arrives the only thing which can save you is an escape route. 

However, whenever it is being told to expect the unexpected, house fires are the most unexpected situations among all other sudden disasters. At an unfortunate moment, a small flame can also turn into a complete-blown quickly. It certainly possesses a life threat for you and your loved ones. Keeping a fire escape ladder is critical especially when you are preparing for an emergency. 

Best fire escape ladders to consider 

Here is the list of the best fire escape ladders which you can consider as your best choice:

ISOP Emergency Fire Escape Rope Ladder 3-4 Story Homes

This escape ladder is the safest and best fire escape rope ladder you can consider. Not only because this ladder has 2000 pounds weight capacity which can let it carry about 7 people simultaneously. But also, because it comes with a full-body safety line which can let people descend without any risk of fall. Rather than containing steel window sill hooks, this ladder comes with two metal reinforced hoop ends. This can be connected to almost anything to ensure a secure hold. 

Key Features:

  • Escape ladder designed for 3 and 4 story building 
  • Compact design 
  • Safety cord and hooks included 
  • Easy to use
  • 2000 pounds weight limit

Kidde 468093 KL-2S Two-Story Fire Escape Ladder

This is another secure fire escape ladder which comes with some of the most useful features. This escape ladder can fit at every kind of window. This 13 ft ladder can easily carry 1000 pounds weight and will let 3 people descend altogether in an emergency situation. Most amazingly, this fire escape ladder is pretty lightweight and you can store it too with ease. 

Whenever there is an emergency situation, it is highly essential for your escape ladder to be assembled quickly. With a unique tangle free design this can be one of the best options to consider for easier assembling, and quick setup. 

Key Features 

  • 13 ft length 
  • 1000 lbs. capacity 
  • Release strap for quick deployment 
  • Tangle-free design 

Emergency Escape Ladder by Family First Co

This is a quality fire escape ladder which has been built on the basis of finest technologies. This fire escape has a strong built and highly durable too. It comes with 1000 pounds weight capacity and its 13 ft. length is making it perfectly suitable for any two-story building. Furthermore, quick assembling and easier setup of this fire escape leader can also keep you from the stress of how to use it. Most amazing thing which can let you rely on this fire escape ladder is its lifetime warranty. However, availability of a bright storing bag can make it easier its storage for you. 

Key Features 

  • Tested for 1000 pounds 
  • 13 ft. ladder best for 2 story building 
  • Included canvas bag for storage
  • Lifetime warranty 

ISOP Emergency Fire Escape Ladder 8-25 ft 

This is another amazing best fire escape rope ladder available on our list because of its strong built, high quality and various other features. High-quality material used in its construction can ensure a safe escape in any emergency case. This is a 25 ft. roll up ladder that can fit in any window and can offer you a safer and more convenient way to escape. Most amazingly, you can also get this ladder in different sizes as per your needs which is completely a unique feature offered by ISOP. 

Key Features 

  • 2000 lbs. weight capacity 
  • Flame resistant safety hooks and rope 
  • Stable and solid design 
  • 25 ft. length 

First Alert Three-Story Portable 

This is an amazing fire escape ladder which comes completely assembled. This escape ladder is ready to use while, availability of carrying handle on its box can make it easier for you to move it around. This escape leader is amazingly lightweight despite being made of nylon and steel which meets ASTM standards. Its extra wide hook can let you connect it with any window. While, nylon strapping can offer extra security in the best possible way. 

Key Features 

  • 24 ft. length 
  • Nylon and steel construction 
  • Extra wide hooks to connect with any window 
  • 375 pounds weight capacity 

Features to look while buying the best fire escape ladder 

Here are some essential features which can make a fire escape ladder the best. Make sure to consider these most essential features while choosing a best option for you. 

Length of fire escape ladder

This is one of the most important feature of fire escape ladder to check out. As the ladders have been designed for different height levels. Therefore, buying a ladder for a suitable length for building will become easier for you. For example, ladder with 13 to 16 feet length can be effective for a 2-story building. So, buy as per your building needs.  

Slip-resistant rung feature 

Most of the people use fire escape ladder without any prior experience of using it. Therefore, there are higher chances of slipping when you are using it in hurry. Therefore, considering a ladder with slip resistant rung really makes sense here. 

Weight capacity 

Knowing weigh which an escape ladder can carry at once is also important. It is because weight capacity of an escape ladder will let you know how many people can use that ladder together.

Final Thought 

When it comes to buy the best fire escape ladders then availability of tons of options can make it hard for you to choose. To help you in getting the best fire escape ladder, we have compiled a list here. This list has been compiled with easier use in mind. So that users don’t have to spend any time on how to use your fire escape ladder in emergency situation. So, make sure to have a look at the best 5 options mentioned above. Make sure to choose the one which can suit your needs effectively. 

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Fire Escape Ladders Comparison

A Fire escape ladder is simply a ladder that’s used to make an emergency exit through a window if there’s fire. The ladders are typically made from metal wire, chain, or rope. Depending on the design, the fire escape ladder can be attached to eye bolts (anchors) fitted permanently on walls or have hooks to help it anchor on a wall. However, there are ladders that are more advanced and therefore are installed permanently on buildings’ cavity walls. They’re mainly used to assist in situations where potential exit routes are blocked by fire and there’s no other way to escape. Emergency escape ladders offer a much better and efficient way to escape to safety without waiting for fire rescue services. That is mostly in private homes. 

Most often in some commercial buildings, there might be an insufficient supply of fire escapes. Hence, the use of fire escape ladders helps deal with this problem. They create a great alternative escape route for instance in buildings where some segments are excluded from escape routes via fire. In order for an emergency escape ladder to be used, a building has to have a special containing box for the escape ladder. Alternatively, another option is to have an inbuilt escape ladder on a window frame. There are different types of fire escape ladders on the market and each has its pros and cons.

Foldable fire escape ladders

This particular type consists of stackable ladders formed by a rope supporting rectangular Plate stacking. A rope ladder has to be made from rope that’s strong enough with high load capacity for continuous use. The evacuation rope usually moves along a wall and then goes up to a building’s windows. To make it more convenient for use, castings are fixed by windowsill on the ladders. This makes it easy to descend it whenever there’s an emergency. Apart from stacking it on windows, hollow spaces can also be curved out to help with their storage. 

There’s also a portable escape ladder that’s usually placed upon a track.

In this category too, there can be a flexible ladder that can be extended from the windowsills to the outside of a building. They’re usually kept in casings which are fixed to an inner wall near a window. They are very advantageous since they can be used for different purposes. When you have one you can use for climbing for example your attic or tree house when not being used for an emergency. The soft rope can also be used to decorate spaces and is easily foldable when placing it away. They aren’t too heavy and also can be used multiple times.

Permanent escape ladders

As the name describes, these types of ladders are made of metal and they’re permanently attached to buildings’ walls. The emergency escape ladders are placed on the outside of walls for easy use when there’s a fire emergency. They’re mostly placed on the upper floors of buildings. 

However, these types of ladders can have a lot of disadvantages linked to them. They’re permanently placed hence can’t offer versatility in use. They can also be used to gain illegal entry into a building by criminals. During a fire, the metal can also get heated up and this will make it hard to use for people trying to get to safety. If you don’t have enough space, you can’t install the permanent fire escape ladders. That makes it the other disadvantage, they take up a lot of space for installation and they don’t look very appealing. Aluminum can also cause injuries during descent by cutting someone.

How to choose a good fire escape ladder

  • It should have a good standoff, it helps with making the descend safer since it provides enough needed space. The ladder rungs should be held away from the side of the walls by a good standoff.
  • Check whether the loading capacity is at least 1,000 pounds and nothing less. 
  • Find one that doesn’t take a lot of storage space, to make it easy storing it.
  • When buying, the portable ones are cheaper than the permanent ones. Check which one fits your needs.
  • Another important thing is it should be pliable. You should be able to bend it and use it several times without it getting worn out.
  • Getting a ladder that has an adjustable size is great. Depending on the type, some are the size of the windowsill.