Ladder with fiberglass rungs

Fire Escape Ladder 3 Story 24ft (8m)

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Fire Escape Ladder 3 Story 25 ft (8m) | Webbing Ladder with Carabiners | Lightweight, Compact & Portable | Safety Rope Ladder Multi-Functional & Weather Resistant




3 reviews for Fire Escape Ladder 3 Story 24ft (8m)

  1. Ben

    Tested it, easily to use; seems sturdy. Hope I never use it. I feel alot safer living on the third floor now that I own it.

  2. Greg

    Can’t believe how well and easy this ladder works ! Great price, great value and it arrived quickly and in perfect condition . 100% satisfied with this ladder. Great buy !!

  3. Tyler

    When looking for a fire escape ladder specifically designed for a three-story building.
    Remember, it’s essential to have a fire escape plan in place and to regularly practice using the ladder to ensure everyone in your household is familiar with its operation. Consult with local fire safety authorities or professionals for specific recommendations and guidelines for fire escape ladders in your area. These ladders are of the highest quality. I am happy with my choice

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