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Rescue Blanket Gold & Silver | 11 Units

(5 customer reviews)


ISOP Rescue Blanket Gold & Silver | 11 Units Large Size 82 x 63 in | Emergency Thermal Blankets Survival Blankets First Aid | Warmth Retaining Blanket | Multi-Use Lightweight & Compact




ISOP Rescue Blanket Gold & Silver | 11 Units Large Size 82 x 63 in | Emergency Thermal Blankets Survival Blankets First Aid | Warmth Retaining Blanket | Multi-Use Lightweight & Compact

Silver/Gold Blanket Premium

A must-have for a survival kits, first aid kits, emergency kits and more

Mylar Emergency Blanket is waterproof and reflects up to 90% of body heat to help prevent hypothermia for cold, wet, or hot weather survival situations. These thermal foil blankets are a must-have for camping, trail running, marathons, 48hr/72hr/30 day go bags, tactical gear, earthquake survival kits, home emergency, and car first aid kits.

Silver/Gold Blanket Premium

Multi-purpose emergency blanket

Keep in your backpack just in case. Besides keeping you warm and dry, ISOP survival blanket has countless uses in survival situations. Use as a sleeping bag liner in unexpected cold weather to enhance your existing sleeping bag by boosting heat and protecting from outside condensation. Keep in your cat in case you get stuck in a snowstorm, run out of gas, or get into a car accident during the winter.

Silver/Gold Blanket Premium

Durable, ultralight, compact packaging

Each blanket is individually folded, wrapped, and sealed for easy storage, retaining or deflecting heat, reusable, waterproof, windproof, moisture resistant, also can be used as ground cover and sun shade.

Countless Uses:

Tent Footprint; Backpack Cover; Rain Poncho; Emergency Signal; Solar Oven; Fishing Lure; Bird Repellent; Emergency Shelter; Sleeping Bag Linen; Ground Cover; Wind Blocker; Arm Sling; Tourniquet; Trail Marker; Water Collector; Snow Melt Container; Car Window Sun Protector; Sunlight Reflector; Food Preserving Cover.

5 reviews for Rescue Blanket Gold & Silver | 11 Units

  1. Jonathan

    I keep one in my glove box. they seem pretty good to keep one person warm in the cold. or reflect the hot sun off you if need be. Even as just a big reflector waving in the breeze these may get you spotted and rescued.

  2. Chris

    It has been a very cold winter and one of our neighbors’ passion was to gift the homeless in our neighborhood a stocking for Christmas. I immediately thought of these Rescue Blanket Gold & Silver because of how cold it’s been for us. A perfect gift for the homeless to have to keep them warm n dry n it’s so compact that they can have it on their person wherever they go! I read the reviews about how they will keep a person warm n maintain their body heat. It was a perfect gift and we’re glad to gift them because this is very useful.

  3. Greg

    I bought these Rescue Blanket Gold & Silver mainly to repel heat. It’s a great cheap product to use during the summer. It can hang over a canopy, a deck, umbrella, there are really endless uses for these. Because of it’s large size I really like this product. It came with a couple of these blankets in the package so I was able to put some in my glove box for emergency situations as well

  4. Tyler

    A rescue blanket, also known as an emergency blanket, is a lightweight, compact, and highly reflective blanket designed to provide insulation and protection in emergency situations. The gold and silver colors are commonly used for rescue blankets due to their high visibility and reflective properties. Here are some key features and uses of rescue blankets:

    1. Thermal insulation: Rescue blankets are made from a thin, heat-reflective material, often aluminum or Mylar, which helps to retain body heat and prevent heat loss. They are commonly used in emergency situations to help prevent hypothermia by trapping the body’s heat.

    2. Reflective properties: The gold and silver colors of rescue blankets are highly visible and reflective, making them useful for signaling or attracting attention in emergency situations. The reflective surface can help rescuers locate you more easily, especially in low-light conditions.

    3. Compact and lightweight: Rescue blankets are designed to be compact and lightweight, making them easy to carry in emergency kits, backpacks, or even pockets. Their small size allows for easy storage and transportation.

    4. Versatile usage: Besides providing insulation and visibility, rescue blankets have various other uses. They can be used as a ground cover, makeshift shelter, or even as a sunshade to protect against excessive heat and sunlight.

    5. Waterproof and windproof: While rescue blankets are not entirely waterproof or windproof, they can provide some protection against light rain or wind. However, for more severe weather conditions, it is recommended to seek proper shelter.

    6. Cost-effective: Rescue blankets are generally inexpensive, making them an affordable addition to any emergency preparedness kit.

    It’s important to note that rescue blankets are intended for short-term emergency use and are not suitable as a long-term or durable outdoor shelter. They are designed to provide temporary protection until proper assistance or shelter can be obtained.

    Always ensure you have multiple rescue blankets available for each person in your emergency preparedness kit. Additionally, familiarize yourself with proper usage and storage instructions to ensure you can effectively utilize the rescue blankets when needed.

  5. Daniel

    I recently purchased a fire emergency blanket from GBT and I must say I am extremely impressed with its quality and effectiveness. The blanket is easy to use and provides peace of mind knowing that I have an added layer of protection in case of a fire emergency. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a reliable safety tool for their home or workplace. Thank you, GBT, for providing such a great product!

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