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Shopping Cart Folding Lightest Dolly Hand Truck | Heavy-Duty Utility Trolley | Portable Foldable | Collapsible | Easy-to-Store, Solid Construction – 2 Big Wheels





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Looking for a way to easily carry around heavy items?

Are you a mom who constantly hauls heavy bags of groceries? Or a touring musician who carries guitars and speakers from one place to another? Perhaps a DIY hobbyist who works with heavy materials?

Whatever you may be doing that requires a bit of heavy lifting, the right trolley can help lighten your load. It doesn’t only save time but also eases the burden from your arms and shoulders.

Our transporting tool offers a convenient way to carry around items which may be small or medium but difficult to move. It does a great job of lightening your load. Instead of dragging your baggage with force, you get to pull this wheeled cart with ease.


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The Folding Hand Truck by ISOP offers a convenient way to haul heavy objects or baggage.

Made of top quality aluminum, this folding hand truck is highly durable and tough against rust and corrosion. Feel free to take it on your outdoor adventure trips! This heavy-duty trolley is designed to survive the rough and tumble of rugged activities, such as shopping at a wet market, camping in a forest, and traversing uneven terrains.

Designed for portability, our luggage truck is extremely lightweight. You can fold it up in seconds, and store anywhere you prefer. Its extra large and sturdy wheels run smoothly on just about any surface. You can take it everywhere you go!


Here are other reasons to love our transport cart:

  • Boasts a sturdy construction
  • Whisper quiet movement
  • Use it straight out of the packaging, no assembly required
  • Our folding trolley is probably the most lightweight and stable of those presented at the market. We have personally checked ALL similar trolleys and chosen the best of the best! Opens easily and folds compactly Includes elastic strap with hooks to secure luggage Weight Capacity (34″ H x 14.5″ W x 13.5″ D): 75 Pounds
  • DESIGNED FOR MOBILITY – Our trolley cart is light to carry and extremely easy to lug around, even with a heavy load. Perfect not only for travel but also for home, auto, office and recreational use.
  • EASY STORAGE – This hand truck is collapsible. It takes only seconds to fold down in half, allowing for compact safekeeping. Place it in the trunk of your car or squeeze it into your packed cabinet.
  • BUILT TO LAST – Made of rust-proof aluminum, our trolley is highly durable, heavy-duty, and can withstand difficult terrains while carrying weighty items. Yet, the comfort cushion handle is gentle on your palms.
  • STABLE & SMOOTH ROLLING – All our hand trucks come with oversized, beefy wheels that turn effortlessly on any surface. These are built to survive uneven sidewalks and high curbs.

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  1. Ash

    Great lightweight dolly shopping cart. Using already more than year everyday

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