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Emergency Survival Tent Shelter for 2 People + 3 Paracords, Tent Stakes, Glow Stick, Whistle | 100% Waterproof Tent | Ultralight & Extra Large





Emergency Survival Tent Shelter for 2 People + 3 Paracords, Tent Stakes, Glow Stick, Whistle | 100% Waterproof Tent | Ultralight & Extra Large

Emergency Survival Shelter Tent

Emergency Survival Shelter Tent + 3 Paracords, Tent Stakes, Glow Stick, Whistle

This emergency combo kit provides a survival tent for shelter from the elements and to help keep you warm by trapping in your body heat. Designed for emergencies and survival, includes four stakes a survival whistle, two mosquito nets & two glow sticks. The vibrant orange color can aid in search and rescue. Three nylon paracord drawstrings and carabiner clips can be used to secure or repair gear, build an additional shelter.

Emergency Survival Shelter Tent

100% Waterproof, Ultralight, Compact and Extra Large

The ultra light weight tent is made of mylar with a tear and puncture resistant coating. These emergency tents are durable enough for repeated use, so they can be folded up and put back in the pouch. These survival shelters can be conveniently clipped onto gear for transport and are compact enough to be put in a car.

This kit will protect you against RAIN, WIND, and snow as well as provide shade against the sun. This is a life saving combination for a single person or a group of two.

Emergency Survival Shelter Tent

Multi-Purpose Emergency Tent

Keep in your backpack just in case. Besides keeping you warm and dry, ISOP survival kit has countless uses in survival situations. Use as a sleeping bag liner in unexpected cold weather to enhance your existing sleeping bag by boosting heat and protecting from outside condensation. Keep in your car in case you get stuck in a snowstorm, run out of gas, or get into a car accident during the winter.

Emergency Survival Shelter Tent for 2 People

Countless uses:

Backpack Cover; Rain Poncho; Emergency Signal; Solar Oven; Fishing Lure; Bird Repellent; Emergency Shelter; Sleeping Bag Linen; Ground Cover; Wind Blocker; Arm Sling; Tourniquet; Trail Marker; Water Collector; Snow Melt Container; Car Window Sun Protector; Sunlight Reflector; Food Preserving Cover.

3 reviews for Survival Tent | Rescue Equipment

  1. Krista

    I bought this Survival Tent for my husband and I to have as emergency items for our hiking backpacks in the event we get stranded or lost somewhere, especially when we’re in areas we haven’t been to, don’t have cell service or when we do cooler weather hikes. They are small and light weight enough that we don’t notice the extra weight. Haven’t had to use them but they seem like they’re good quality for the purpose I got them for. Wouldn’t use them as a regular sleeping bag or anything like that, but for a “just in case” item, they’re perfect for our needs since they weigh a fraction of what a normal sleeping bag does and take up a tiny amount of space. I can’t speak to longevity or if they’re reusable yet since I haven’t had them long enough to know but they seem well made and like they’d work as needed. I like that they each have a bag included to keep them contained and that it’s a bright color that’s easily found in a backpack to help stay organized and to keep them from being punctured. Im the sort that likes being prepared for the unexpected and these work perfectly for that. These would be great for keeping in a car for emergencies or in bug out bags/disaster kits, too!

  2. Michael

    Scatter this Survival Tent in every vehicle, in both ends of the house so that in an emergency you’ll be warm. They instantly reflect body heat inward and block the cold wind. Plus, one is fun to play with – so ephemeral that it doesn’t seem real.

  3. Tyler

    A survival tent is a compact and lightweight shelter designed to provide protection and shelter during emergency situations or outdoor adventures. Remember, a survival tent is just one part of your overall emergency preparedness kit. It’s important to have other essential items like sleeping bags, first aid kits, and emergency food and water supplies to ensure your safety during emergencies or outdoor adventures. This gorgeous set gives me peace and confidence. Delivery was very fast

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