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ISOP Window Iron Hooks for Fire Escape Ladders & Emergency


Iron Window Hooks for Rope Ladder




ISOP Window Hooks for Fire Escape Ladders, 2 Hooks | Iron Hooks for Rescue Rope Ladder, Emergency Hook Set Fits Most Windows – Great with Carabiners or Deployment Ladders – Sturdy, Durable & Portable



Our multipurpose 2-piece hook set is versatile safety tool and can be used in a wide range of industries, construction firms and emergency services – can be used with different types of rope ladders or with fire escape ladders to rescue workers from significant heights & a must have in case of emergencies.

Size: 15.75″ total length, 11.8″ window hook, 1.25″ space to use with a carabiner

Materials: Heavy-duty steel

ISOP Window Iron Hooks for Fire Escape Ladders & Emergency 4

Features and Benefits

  • Made with high quality materials – strong, sturdy, durable, reliable and safe to use
  • Ideal size – fits most windows
  • Minimalistic, yet practical design makes for easy attachment
  • Quick and easy set up – does not require any tools
  • Can be used with minimal to no training
  • Simply clamp onto the window on one side and the rope ladder on the other and climb down in 10 seconds
  • Light weight & portable
  • Compact for easy storage


Can be used for/as/with

  • From a window, balcony or a rooftop, in conjunction with rescue rope ladders
  • Fire escape ladders, in an emergency
  • Climbing walls
  • Construction industry
  • Hanging from a tree
  • Climbing a treehouse


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