Emergency Fire Escape Rope Ladder 3 – 4 Story 32 ft with Safety Belt

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Flame Resistant Safety Rope Ladder with Hooks – Fast to Deploy & Easy to Use – Compact & Easy to Store – Weight Capacity up to 2000 lb





Safety Rope Ladder: a must-have in your safety gear list

Safety rope ladders are a series of tough ropes either made of wood or plastic, specifically designed to hold a certain weight. There is a wide range of applications of these ropes in everyday life. Based on their intended use, these rope ladders are made of different materials. At Isopllc, all our rope ladders are made of top-notch materials, thus highly suitable for different applications. Let us talk about the various benefits of using them:

Also known as an emergency rope ladder, the rope ladders made at Isopllc have various benefits. Let uslist them out:
These ladders can withstand the weight of 2500 lbs which is equal to bearing ten people of average weight. Since their rungs are octagon-shaped, they will not slip and are thus reliable.
It can be used for various purposes such as treehouse, attic, playground, loft, marine, bunker,and even decorative purposes and are thus used mostly by children.
Though these items are fun, they can be challenging to use physically. So, if you want to shed a few pounds, this is the best thing to add to your exercise regime. Since Isopllc’s emergency rope ladders are weather-resistant, you can carry them outside and use them.

These are some of the benefits you can incur while using a safety rope ladder. However, now the question is how to use it.

How to use emergency rope ladders?

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to use a rope ladder during an emergency such as a fire.

Step-1: Find the starting point of the ladder
Open the rope ladder and find its end. Unfortunately, it is usually the end that doesn’t come with any points or hooks of the attachment. So you have to first place this end out of the window.

Step 2: Slowly drop it out the window
Now, slowly release the and guide it through the window. At this point, you have to stay as patient as possible as patience is key, failing, which will lead to dropping the entire ladder outside, and you will be left with nothing to climb out with.

Step 3: Attaching the escape hooks to the window
The next step is to firmly attach the emergency rope ladder & grips or hooks to the window sill. After this, you release it and allow its weight to hold it in place.

Step 4: Climb down as very carefully
The final step is to climb out of the window by firmly holding the ladder while navigating through every rung. By keeping the body in close proximity to the ladder, move slowly until you make it to the bottom. In any case, avoid rushing as it can result in falling and if anyone is following you behind, hold the ladder.


At Isopllc, we offer a safety rope ladder and a rescue during an emergency fire. It comes with a safety belt designed with additional fall protection in the form of a safety cord tied to the ladder side. Thus,choose from the best range of rope ladders we have.

Emergency Fire Escape Rope Ladder 3 - 4 Story 32 ft with Safety Belt 7


unlike other aluminium ladders our rope ladders are reusable.

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  1. Alex

    Great fire escape ladder. Comes with spring hooks.

  2. Olga

    Fire escape ladder for 4 story

  3. Matt

    I like the quality of the materials!

  4. Kate

    This is built very sturdy and is very rugged without a ton of weight. I hope I don’t ever have to use it, but if I do I know I can count on it working as it should. Very impressed with this!

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