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Fire Escape Ladder 3 Storey 25ft (8m) with Cabinet

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Fire Escape Ladder 3 Storey 25ft (8m) with Cabinet – Rope Ladder for Fire Escape in Red Box – Emergecny Blanket & Mounting Anchors Included



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Fire Escape Ladder 3 Storey 25ft (8m) with Cabinet – Rope Ladder for Fire Escape in Red Box – Emergecny Blanket & Mounting Anchors Included

Fire Escape Ladder 3 Storey 25ft (8m) with Cabinet 1

One-stop emergency evacuation station stores all your fire emergency supplies in one place (fire extinguisher not included)


  • High Visibility Red Box with Magnetic Door
  • Fire Escape Ladder 25ft (8m)
  • Fire Emergency Blanket
  • Hardware included for installation ( Mounting Anchors)
  • Mounting for Fire Extinguisher

Fire Escape Ladder 3 Storey 25ft (8m) with Cabinet 2

Why do we believe it’s better to buy a fire escape ladder in an aluminum box? For several reasons!

1. By attaching the box to the wall (under the window or on the balcony) with anchors, you can immediately attach the ladder to the anchor loops then in case of emergency you will simply throw the ladder out of the window and immediately start descending without wasting precious seconds in the confusion looking for where to attach the ladder.

2. You can attach the box both inside and outside the house. Outside, the advantage is that it does not take up space at home and does not spoil the design of the room, but at the same time it is quite accessible if attached next to a window or on a balcony.

3. It is also convenient from inside the house, as it is always at hand and this important lifesaving stuff is in sight so as not to waste time searching for it during a fire.

4. It is very safe in our opinion to attach the ladders to the climbing anchors inside the box, as they can withstand 25 KN than to anything in your home, including the window frame or balcony bars.

Why Choose Our Fire Escape Ladders

Fire Escape Ladder 3 Storey 25ft (8m) with Cabinet 3

Aluminum Universal Fire Escape Ladder Cabinet keeps your escape ladder easily accessible in case of an emergency.

Due to its compact size and durable construction, this cabinet is ideal for apartments, condos, and small businesses, and it provides a safe, secure place for long-term storage.

Gentle to hands

Gentle to hands

When creating these ladders, we considered the flaws of our competitors. The others have a lot of complaints about the fact that when using their ladders rungs cut users’ hands because aluminum rungs are sharp. We took this into account and our ladders do not have sharp corners and they are safe for use by both adults and children.

Wide application

Integral straps

Again, comparing our ladders to competitors, it should be noted that, unlike others, from top end to the bottom our ladders consist of one piece of webbing strap that can withstand up to 1200 pounds (!) Thanks to a special patented technology. While competitors’ webbing ladders are sewn in pieces, which in our opinion is unreliable.

Climbing anchor bolts set

Comes with a climbing anchor bolts set, 2 pcs hanger plates and 2 pcs expansion bolts. Bolt Nuts and flat washers are included.
For window or balcony


Our ladders’ rungs have stabilizers which allow the ladders not adhere tightly to the wall but stay sturdy against it and therefore greatly facilitate the descent from the second or third floor.

For window or balconyAnti Slip Rungs

A special pattern on the surface of the rungs makes the descent from the apartment non-slip in any weather.


Our ladders are reusable, moreover they can be easily fixed, unlike others’ that have to be disposed of. With proper storage, they can last for years!

Fire Escape Ladder 3 Storey 25ft (8m) with Cabinet 4

Heavy duty carabiners

The ladders include chrome plated carabiners with breaking strength 11KN.




The special powder coated paint protects rungs against rust, and the polyester webbing is highly resistant to water or snow, therefore our fire escape ladders are weather resistant.

professional ladder

Professional ladder company

We recommend buying ladders from a company that specializes in ladders, as this is a safety product.

And ISOP is one of a few companies that offers a wide selection of different ladders from its own manufacturing facility.

1 review for Fire Escape Ladder 3 Storey 25ft (8m) with Cabinet

  1. Joseph

    The ISOP emergency evacuation kit is an indispensable helper in critical situations. I was very impressed by its compactness and lightness – it can be easily taken with you on trips or stored in the car.
    The detailed equipment of the kit contains everything necessary for a safe evacuation in extreme situations. The case is very high quality, everything is made stable and reliable.
    Thanks to this kit, I feel confident and well prepared, even in the most terrible situations. I can only recommend that everyone have such a kit on hand for the safety of themselves and their loved ones.

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