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How to Escape Fire with ISOP Escape Ladder

How to Escape Fire with ISOP Escape Ladder

Escaping fire can be very difficult in many cases. Sometimes, it is quite impossible. But if you are prepared and know the best way to escape it, you can successfully escape fire. You can also reduce the risk of injury and damages. 

Escaping fire is especially difficult if you live in a storied building in top floors like in second, third and above.  

Whether you live in a small house or large, whether you are in office or in a mall, you should know the basic rules for escaping fires. For instance, when you are in a public place or a large building, you should look for safety signs like emergency exit or fire exit. It will help you find the fastest way out.

At home, you should also have a plan to escape fire. Having fire escape ladder can help you escape in case of fire.  

Find out the best ways to escape fire.

When There is Fire

Fire incident can be very stressful, especially if chances of escaping is slim. Remember that you can escape fire safely. You will need to remember the escape plan and remember to use the tools like fire escape ladder.

It is important that you try to stay calm. It is easier said than done, but it is important that you use your faculties to escape. Focus on the essentials and take the steps to escape. Remember the plan you had in place for situation like fire. If you have people relying on you, staying calm becomes even more important.

Creating an Escape Plan

Creating an escape plan is an important step, whether its your home or office. Your fire escape plan will be based on the premises you live in. For instance, a fire escape plan for a single-story building will be different than multistoried structure.

Create a plan where you state all the escape routes. Creating a map will be more effective. You can choose any medium you want. You can also have this plan on your phone or stick it somewhere where everyone can see.

If you live in a residential building, make sure to get the plan from the landlord. Knowing about the all the exists is very important.

Your fire escape plan must have these things:

  • Create a plan with all the exists, including the windows and balconies. Make sure that everyone living there knows about the plan.
  • Using ISOP fire escape ladder is so easy. Make sure that you explain others how to hook the ladder and use to climb down the building.
  • You should also know what to do once you get out. For instance, calling 911 for help is one of the things can do. You can also call someone you know for help too.
  • Make it easy to understand with drawings and color coding.
  • Make sure to share the information with children too. This will help them understand the risk factor and follow the required steps when the time comes.

 When Escaping Fire

 When it trying to escape fire, there are a few things you need to remember. As soon as you become aware of fire, the first instinct is to open the door. But it’s not always the right thing to do.

If there is fire outside in the corridor, opening the door is risky. Instead, you have to check that there is no fire. To do that, touch the door or knob and see if its hot. Even if its cold, there is a possibility of fire outside. Open the door a little bit to confirm that there is no fire outside the room before escaping.

Carry out Fire drills

Having a plan is not enough. It is important to know that you can actually do the thing. For that, you need to have regular drills. Practice will make a huge difference and will boost your confidence too.

Using Fire Escape Ladder

Using a fire escape ladder is also an effective way to escape fire. ISOP fire escape ladder comes in many sizes and lengths to escape from second story and above. ISOP ladders are specifically designed to make fire escape easier.

The ladders are made from high-quality materials and they can bear the weight of at least ten people at a time. Also, it has anti-slip feature and they are also fire resistant. Plus, using the ladder is very easy. Made from ropes, it can be folded and stored in small storage space. This way, you can easily locate it when you need it.

ISOP ladders can also be used for other purposes too, such as for tree house.

The Bottom Line

There are many ways to escape fire. But is easier said than doing it when it is chaos all around. Which is why, you need to have a plan, tools and practice so that you can stay prepared when it happens. Creating a plan is important so that you can use it when you need to escape fire. And, tools like ISOP fire escape ladder can help you escape from high building.

ISOP fire escape ladder is an excellent tool for escaping fire. It is an easy-to-use tool that you can use to escape from storied building. ISOP fire escape ladder 2 story is a very effective tool to escape from windows and balconies. The ladders are durable, portable and very effective.

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