Fire Evacuation Device for Kids or Pets up to 150 Pounds

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Fire Evacuation Carrier for Kids Or Pets up to 150 lbs / 68 kg – Emergency Escape Bag Through Windows or Balcony Rope 50 ft / 15 m & Carabiner Included (Large)





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Make Sure Your Little Angel Remains Safe In Case A Fire Breaks Out!

Presenting the Ultimate Emergency Fire Evacuation Device for Kids Or Pets, Offered by ISOP!

Do you live on the 5th floor and worry about your kids’ safety in case of fire? Would you sleep better knowing that your child or pet could safely make a rapid escape outside the building?

This fire escape bag made in a form of a backpack so in case of emergency it lets you placing an infant or a pet in there, just put it on and run out or lower it down from a window using a heavy-duty rope.

Take Your Kid From Danger To Safety In 3 Steps!

  • Unfold the fire emergency escape device
  • Place a pillow inside and your kid or pet on it
  • Lower the bag with its precious content from the outside of the building, to the ground

No matter if you live on the 1st or the 5th floor, your kid will make it safely to the ground, away from life-threatening fire and suffocating smoke.

Why Choose ISOP Fire Emergency Escape Bag?

  • Coming with the 50 feet FREE heavy-duty rope
  • Great for homes up to the 5th story
  • Large PVC coated mesh front for better air flow
  • Easy to store in the convenient storage pouch
  • Complement Your Emergency Tools Kit!
  • Recommended for children up to 75 pounds.

You don’t need to lose sleep over your little angel’s safety any more!

At ISOP, we have long offered you the best in fire escape equipment. Our fire escape ladders, fire bags have earned us the trust of our valuable customers.

Use at your own risk.

  • KEEP YOUR LOVED ONES SAFE: Make sure your child remains safe in case of fire! Place a pillow in this fire safety device, put your kid – or furry friend – inside and lower them down to safety.
  • EASY TO USE & STORE: Just unfold this easy-to-use fire emergency tool and waste no time in case of fire! This life-saving fire emergency tool comes with a handy storage pouch for space-saving storage.
  • ALL YOU NEED FOR A RAPID FIRE ESCAPE IN ONE BAG: We are offering you the heavy-duty 50 ft rope as a BONUS, so that you have everything you need ready for your kid’s safe fire escape in one place.
  • DIMENSIONS : 28/21/14 inches or 71/53/35 cm


1 review for Fire Evacuation Device for Kids or Pets up to 150 Pounds

  1. Isabel

    This fire evacuation device (bag) is truly a must-have in every home! It is compact, lightweight, but can be the most important element in saving lives in an emergency. I love ISOP for their quality and reliability! Their products give me peace of mind and a feeling of security. I highly recommend !

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